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This is a qulity-assured, interactive scaffold builder course. This course covers the theoretical training in accordance to the Regulation on the execution of work § 17-4. Online courses are effective, flexible and holds a high standard.


We offer an interactive scaffold builder course. The course is estimated to take 36 hours, and it is in accordance with the working environment law, the regulation on organization, leadership and participation, the workplace regulations, regulation on the performance of work, and the producer regulations (formerly regulations for use of work equipment). The course covers the theoretical part required to be scaffolder according to the regulation on the execution of work § 17-4 (the course was previously called § 46C and § 13 course).
 The scaffold builder course consists of slides with audio. You can take the course whenever and wherever you want to, as long as there is internet access. During the course you must answer multiple choice questions and at the end of the course you must complete a final exam. To pass the course you must pass the final exam. Upon completion of the course, a diploma is issued. If you wish to receive a scaffold builder certificate, you must also document the following:
 - At least 72 hours of practice, on 3 different types of scaffolding (fill in the relevant form).
 - Employment for at least 6 months in a business which utilizes scaffolding (confirmed by the employer).


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